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Placeholders, Slayer & Quality of Life!

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Hey everyone,

We appreciate the patience with this update. We wanted to get it out Friday, but Tuesday will have to do (its corona all the days blend in anyway). This was a smaller update in terms of content, but focused a lot on bug fixing and quality of life updates. Another major update you may have noticed is the new forums! This is the last time we're going to be changing forums (we promise) because we switched to Invision, the best of the best. The theme is temporary as we're currently designing one. Feel free to signup and contribute with guides, discussions & any content you want to share!

Bug Fixes:

  • Onyx Bracelets can be created
  • Rainbow Afro & Armadyl Stole now show up correctly
  • Seedbox is now fixed
  • Fixed some typos in Achievements
  • Removed options for objects at home (Vorkath display case, etc.)
  • Corrected Ultra Donator price to match the banker requirement ($250)
  • Slayer block 4th task now works
  • Slayer experience reward cannot give you negative points now
  • Fixed clan chat colours
  • Fixed issue with boost timers ticking down way too fast (if you donated and lost boost timers please contact me we'll refund you)
  • Discord bot now supports names with spaces
  • Piles & Leprechaun note items correctly
  • Wilderness Obelisk animation when teleporting has been fixed
  • Troll Queen no longer saps prayer when you are not near her
  • Imbued hearts now boost the respective stat
  • Player's tokens will not be removed in Warrior's Guild Cyclops room when wearing an Attack Cape
  • Players can now stay inside the WGC room when upgrading defenders (No need to exit & come back in)
  • Superiors no longer spawn off task
  • Added Vote delay so it doesn't spam if a person doesn't claim all at once
  • Fixed colours for some global messages
  • Potions now have the correct delays built in
  • Karambwams can now be eaten (& tick eaten)
  • It's beer o'clock at Valkyrie - drink up
  • Gargoyle drop table has been updated


  • Warrior Ring (ie) can now be created
  • Adjusted prices of ornament kits
  • Added crowns & titles in clan chat
  • Added placeholders*
  • Added release all placeholders (Button top right)
  • Added release individual placeholder with left click
  • Removed bank limit for all players - 850 for all (GIM bank still at 250)
  • Boosted the amount of Raid Tokens you get from a raid - A flat 8 will always roll
  • Added Duradel slayer master & split tasks based on master (Easy, Medium, Hard, Wilderness & Boss)
  • Masters' dialogue is now more efficient
  • Masters' right-click "Assignment" option now insta-assigns you your task
  • Nietiznot Faceguard price has been lowered
  • Item of the Week - Dragon Hunter Lance


*Currently there are no filler slots & also I know our tabs are currently a bit wonky, I did do a bunch of testing, but if they crash please let me know what caused the crash. (We are aware of the pet crash). Placeholders are also disabled in GIM banks.


Thanks for all the support guys! 

Developer at Valkyrie

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