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Official return?

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Name: Trevor

In-Game Username: Trevor

Age: 19

Country & Timezone: Canadian, East Coast Standart Time.

Average time played per day: * if accepted: 5-8 hours  (most likely during the morning and evening, being 9am-1-2pm EST, and 8pm-till i go to sleep)

What days are you available to play:  Every day

Why do you want to be a staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank: 
Currently i feel as though the server is similar to a Barn Find in Forza Horizon; a historical Gem, hidden in plain view. As of late, ive noticed that there's been lack of staff activity\monitoring server or community life within game; i find myself as of late, constantly looking for something on my pc to do while at home and playing valkyrie while doing househould chores is usually something i do :shrug:

TLDR: im willing to voluntarily commit to specific time periods of activity\moderation for the better of everyone.

Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: Not that i know of or remember

If yes, which one, for how long and why:

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