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Booster Scrolls, Key/Chest Reworks & New Website!

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Hey everyone! With the amount of requests for more double experience weekends we decided to just create some awesome boosts that you can get through the vote & donator shop! They either come in 30 min or 24 hour intervals (except raids - 2/24hour). They're an awesome way to get started or grind out that extra experience in a skill you just don't like 😋

Bug Fixes

  • Typos in Trivia Answers
  • Mystery boxes will now be placed in the inventory or the ground (not banks)
  • Fixed ::droprate command
  • You can now imbue your twisted slayer helmet if you have the imbue feature unlocked
  • Ironmen can now pick up imbued hearts & slayer shields
  • Fixed broken achievements
  • Fixed Black H'ween mask covering face
  • Fixed issue with Banking items when a new account was created


  • Added NPC Text for Implings
  • Mystery Box, Golden Keys have been re-worked (price also adjusted in stores)
  • Skilling Boxes have been re-worked (price also adjusted in stores) - you will receive 4 random supplies ranging from 5-25 for the specific skill you are training
  • Adjusted some prices in Donator Stores for various items
  • Removed Super & Ultra Chest from the game. Elite Chest now contains Super Chest gear & has gotten a non-cosmetic buff
  • Boosted Raid Point Drops minimum of 2 maximum of 5 (instead of flat 2)
  • Infernal Chest added
  • Raid Chest added
  • Skilling Chest - 6 items from various skills ranging from 50-150
  • Created Booster Items - Explained below
  • Increased Tile & Object rendering (mainly viewable on Mac Clients)
  • Increased fog rendering distance - now you are able to see more tiles before fog starts
  • New Website with live server stats. Check it out here.
  • Re-adjusted all Bond Prices ($10 - no bonus, $25 - 5% bonus, $50 - 10% bonus, $100 - 20% bonus)

Booster Scrolls & Totems

  • Double Drop Booster (V: 30 minutes | 😧 24 hours) - This boost increases your chance at received double drops. It scales from a 33% chance down to a 5% chance based on the item value. For example anything between 1 & 100K has a 33% of rolling double the items. (2xDragon Daggers). Note that this roll chance is on each individual item, not necessarily on the entire drop from the monster you kill.
  • Experience Booster (V: 30 minutes | 😧 24 hours) - This doubles your experience in all skills for the time period.
  • Raid Booster (V: 2 hours | 😧 24 hours) - This doubles your chances at raid points (Min: 4 Max: 10)
  • Revenants Booster (V: 30 minutes | 😧 24 hours) - This increases your overall damage to all revenant monsters by 30% for the time period.
  • Slayer Booster (V: 30 minutes | 😧 24 hours) - This boosts your slayer points by 50% for the time period. (Partners also get boosted if they also have the boost)

Thanks for all the support everyone!

Developer at Valkyrie

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