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thunderdome's staff application

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Name:  henk

In-Game Username:  thunderdome  /  braindead

Age:  26

Country & Timezone:  the netherlands (+1)

Average time played per day:  so far 2 sessions of 24+ hours, so on average in a week 4-8 hours

What days are you available to play:  every day in the week

Why do you want to be a staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank:  i came to the server with the clan i am in(7 players) and i have spoken quite alot in voicechat with some of the players and staff of the server.

so if there is an arguement i can step in and resolve it or help out in a casual manner without making things escalate further.

even without having a staffrank i help out other players wherever i am able to but having a rank does make it easier for players who dont know me (like new players for example) to see who to go to if they have questions or require assistance.

it is also beneficial that i live in europe which means if the american staffmembers are not available on certain parts of the day (late at night and early in the morning) that i am available if needed since on that moment it will be a different time of day for me

i speak 4 languages(dutch, english, german and french) so i can also help if something needs to be translated

Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned:  yes and no

If yes, which one, for how long and why:  on valkyrie i havent had any mutes or bans, but i did get a 24 hour mute on a previous server i played due to me telling a story about my time in prison which contained parts that were against the rules of that server

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As you have been very helpful in game, and I believe you will continue to do so. We will wait before Approving/ Denying till we have more need in the server. 

as the server grows or as staff resign/ become inactive you will be considered :) Keep up the good work. 

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