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Gambling, Storage & Massive QoL

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Hey everyone,

Big shout out to the OGs and all the new players that have been joining for supporting the server. ToB is in its testing phase so expect that very soon; until then we have a long list of updates below!

Bug Fixes:

  • Herb sack and Seed box save your supplies on logout
  • Angler outfit is fixed when wielding a Dragon harpoon
  • Ironmen now have access to rune store in Yanille and TzHaar
  • Ancient gorillas Slayer experience fix
  • Login limit has been increased
  • Bree's definitions have been fixed
  • Chat timestamps are now accurate and record previous times (up to 500 messages)
  • Bank-X is back, it has replaced Bank-All but one
  • Vengeance now returns 75% of damage back instead of 55%
  • Tribrid heart now uses its own timer
  • Smithing has been fixed you no longer stop smithing randomly


  • Hydra lightning damage increased to prevent still standing & attack timer has been added, will remove prayers
  • Rune pouch has been added to the game - obtainable for 1,000 Slayer points or for 500 Wildy shop points
  • Seed box now has a fully-functioning interface (OSRS)
  • Master scroll book is a new item that stores booster totems and scrolls 
  • Stash units are now here! They will store all items used for clue scrolls
  • Adjusted Lizardman shaman teleport location - you can now use the east and west ladders to get to more Shamans.
  • ::price was added into the ::commands list
  • Black graceful has been added
  • White graceful dye is now available in the Graceful store
  • Renamed Heart crystal (range) to Twisted heart and the melee one to Infernal heart
  • HCIM antibot implemented instead of being attacked by a chicken (only for chicken random)
  • Modified items from Donator & Vote store
  • Implemented a brand new Vote & Store system. Previous versions are deprecated
  • ::reward command needs no additional parameters. All votes will be redeemed
  • Vote Event now is limited to only doubling the first 10 votes you redeem. If for example you have 35 votes to claim and the event is active you will receive 35 + 10 bonus tickets for a total of 45 tickets. This resets every 24 hours from the time of the command
  • Hunter has been completely revamped see below for additional information
  • Gambling is now in the game. Click here for all the rules & activities.

Hunter Revamp

  • Removed the killing chinchompas mechanic
  • Added in working box & snare traps with animations
  • Traps will fall & de-spawn after a certain amount of time
  • Moved Hunter NPC, red, grey chins & birds to the new Hunter area
  • Moved black chins to the wilderness area
  • Talking to the Hunter NPC will give you the option to be transported to the Impling area
  • Players can now catch imps barehanded!
  • Imps do not stand still anymore
  • Traps left setup when player logs out will be sent back to the players inventory
  • Hunter now has a chance to fail catching its about 5-8% better than OSRS catch rates

Developer at Valkyrie

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