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Quality of Life

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Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We worked on a lot of small issues with the server the past week. A bunch of quality of life & bugs have been sorted out. We've been working on some content, it is on its way so stay tuned!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Boost Timers ticking other boosts down when activating
  • You can now string all crossbows with crossbow string
  • You can now make dragon spear(p++) by combining dragon spear & weapon poison
  • Elemental shield now works for skeletal wyverns
  • Master clue stepe is now fixed, the double agent will no longer spawn in the cart
  • Seers ring & Seers ring(i) stats are the same osrs
  • You can now disassemble hydra & twisted slayer helmets
  • ::rules & ::price is now fixed
  • Fixed the "70 attack" trivia answer to just "70"
  • Boots of hades now has a deathvalue of 50m
  • Ferocious gloves are now tradable
  • Armadyl, bandos, ancient crozier now has prayer bonuses
  • Armadyl, bandos, ancient mitre now has prayer bonuses
  • Armadyl, bandos, ancient stole now has prayer bonuses
  • Ancient cloak now has its prayer bonus
  • Fixed a graphic issue with crior coat
  • Bracelet mould will no longer consume when making onyx bracelet
  • Bug submission now closes our correctly (issue with CC)
  • Fixed Achievement tab cutting off achievements
  • Fixed UIM Clues from Woodcutting and Mining  going to bank
  • Fixed Slayer Achievements
  • Adjusted Scorpia's Skill levels and Bonuses
  • Fixed Catacomb mobs from not being aggressive
  • Changed some spawned mobs walking to true
  • Fix for points for Scorpia's guardians and Offsprings
  • Added clipping value to dragons
  • Fixed Olm using dragon breath on players
  • Fixed Vigora's chainmace boosts to mobs in wilderness
  • PM Ignores now work correctly
  • Highscores now works for UIM


  • You can now receive a Herbi pet from herblore, finishing potions
  • Comp cape is now 6% drop rate instead of 3
  • You can now create Mythical max cape, simply combine mythical cape with a max cape
  • Raids teleport has been moved under minigames teleport
  • You now get the experience from the double herb from wearing farmers ring
  • You can now dismantle your Etherium bracelet 
  • Black demons now count as Skotizo for slayer tasks
  • Added Fremmenik sea boots 4 to Vorkath's drop table
  • Added dragon (or) creation
  • Added dragon scimitar (or) kit to hard clues
  • Dragon scimitar (or) can be dismantled
  • Added brimstone boot creation

We understand server has been a bit slower recently, but we've bought a bunch of premium ads, updated our graphics and have been working on some awesome content that'll hopefully attract some awesome new players! The best way you can help the server grow is by voting. If we're on the first page of all website we will get more traction! Coins has started advertising in a bunch of Discord Servers so we're on our way up again! We appreciate all your support.

Developer at Valkyrie

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