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Valkyrie Guides Competition

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Screenshot_3862.png.129923d36ed28079cc5bd0b81607a301.pngValkyrie's Guide CompetitionScreenshot_3861.png.a0d3675be4c5418112f3d07fd69f14d2.png


We are looking for some contributing and creative players to make guides for the server!!

We will be giving away 5x $10 bonds to the creators of the 5 best guides!!! Courtesy of @Leviathan

Players will have till the end on June 20th at midnight Central Daylight time (GMT-5)

Guide requirements


Make sure that the guides have as much detail describing what a player should do, dont just copy everything from the osrs wiki if you're not sure that the content on this server is exactly the same.  Some things are slightly different which is where these guides will come in handy for new players.

Make sure that guides explain how a player can fully achieve the goal of the guide (farming - how to get seeds, Runecrafting - how to get to the abyss) 
including level requirements and try to make sure your guides are also ironman compatable as well. 

Try to include alternate methods to do what ever the guides are about, including different combat styles or cheaper methods longer methods vs faster more expensive methods. 

Players can make as many guides as they want, and players can potentially win more than one bond. The bonds are per guide voted to be the best completed by the end date posted above. But keep in mind the more work you put into a guide, will possibly give you the best chance of winning bonds

I have made a Guide index/directory on the Guides page:
Valkyries Guide Directory

Which has multiple suggestions and guides we would like to see implemented on the forums. 


Thanks and Best of luck everyone. 

Please post below what guide(s) you will be making so other players may have an idea what they are going up against and so we dont get 3-5 players making the same guides. feel free to work together on these as well. 





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