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Ultimate Ironman, Wilderness Revamp & Corrupted Items!

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Hey everyone! UIM is here and it's definitely a fun challenge. We've created the essentials that you'll need to start off and more storage spaces & mechanics will come within the next few updates. We also did a huge wilderness revamp including content for both PvMers and PKers. Take a look at the full updates below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the god damn drop table!
  • Fixed Prayer bonus on all Spirit Shields
  • Fixed Boost Timers staying on
  • Fixed issue with replying to some players using Tab in PMs
  • Reduced alch value for items
  • Fixed issue with double Icons when de-ironing & extreme accounts
  • Updated website gold & mob tracker to include very rare drops


  • Removed glough ūüôā
  • All PvP armours drop from Wilderness Bosses (except Vet'ion)
  • Wilderness revamp - explained below
  • UIM - explained below
  • Corrupted items - explained below
  • Mimic event has a login message
  • Nerfed all types of Void - this will be adjusted if needed
  • Buffed Dragon Claws accuracy
  • Changed prices of AGS & Dragon Claws in the Bounty Hunter store
  • Updated ::edge command to bring you closer to wilderness ditch
  • Pet's options are now switched - Bank is¬†primary, Pick-up is secondary
  • Added Ultimate Ironman & Extreme Ultimate Ironman highscores
  • Added Looting bag
  • Items listed on the market will now show a message in the #marketplace discord channel
  • Items of the week - Spirit shields, Corrupted Items,¬†Imbued Tribrid Heart (requires 3 hearts) & Galvanized Ring (requires 4 ie rings)

Ultimate Ironman

UIM is still a work-in-progress but the essentials are here so that you can start your journey.

Death Mechanics
We've implemented the Zulrah & Hydra death mechanics to reclaim your items. Zulrah is free and Hydra costs $100k to retrieve your items. The priority for receiving your items is Equipment, Inventory & then Looting bag. You would speak to Orrvor or the Priestess to retrieve your items in the northeastern building at home. The items are reclaimed based on how many inventory slots you have and order priority is based on the slot it was previously in. If you die with your looting bag it will be lost forever, however, the items will fall on the ground just like OSRS. The death timer for item pickup is still 6 minutes so please be aware. If this is still too short we will increase this duration.  

Experience Rates
Ultimate Ironman exp. rates are the same as the rest of the game. If the player likes they can become an Extreme UIM for 3x slower rates and receive the same 5% drop rate boost. Highscores for ultimate ironman are also updated.

Noting Mechanics
We currently have it setup to match OSRS. Currently you can only note herbs, potions, secondaries (herblore), unfs & raw food. If this is too difficult, we will adjust overtime this just a baseline that we felt works for now.  

Banker Scroll
We haven't figured out an alternative for the Banker situation yet, however, we're bouncing around some ideas that could potentially work and also not ruin the game mode. We want to provide a benefit to those who support us while also making the specific game mode more enjoyable.


Wilderness has been given a slight change. With the UIM release, players can now obtain the looting bag from killing mobs in the Wilderness, we also added in a reward system.

Wilderness Points
Players can earn points from killing bosses and other monsters in the wilderness to earn points. Wildy bosses give 10-20 points per kill, while regular mobs only give 1-2 points. We've also added in a point rewards for killing Targets. Players have a 1/3 chance to receive 25-35 points per target killed. 


Now with all this talk of "Wildy points and how to earn them", where does one spend said points? PFFT, I got you fam.

-Leviathan 2020, right before he was fired from Valkyrie KEKW

The new wildy shop is run by the PvP Manager in Edgeville. You'll be able to get some starter items there and we'll be adding content overtime to keep the wilderness active.

Corrupted Items

Corrupted items are a limited use item that will allow you to experience an item not currently in the game due to content not being developed. Currently ToB is not in the game so we've added some corrupted versions of the Avernic Defender & the Ghrazi Rapier. We've started off with 2 items to see how it goes, and we will add more overtime. We may cycle out some items to keep it more interesting. 

These items will have a limited 5,000 hits (not hitpoints) usage and will then vanish after they run down to 0. You will NOT lose these items on death, however, we may change this if we feel like its a bit overpowered. The items are not tradable and are available in the Wilderness Shop and the Donator Store. You are only allowed to have 1 of each item at the same time. If you try to purchase one and you already have one it will not allow you to. The way the code structure is currently set up is that it is based on hits per item, per player. So if you do end up having 2 rapiers, it will degrade both rapiers hits at the same time. If this does occur let us know and we'll fix the bug and refund you your item. 


As always we really appreciate everything you guys do from playing, voting, donating & the like. This update was slightly delayed, but we've got some awesome custom stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned! Thanks for all the support!

crazzmc & leviathan
Developers at Valkyrie

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sweet update. its fantastic work the teams been doing. keep it up this will deffo be one of the greatest servers

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