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Hydra is here!

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Hydra is here! We're super excited to see you guys own that 5 headed dragon! The mechanics on hydra is the quality we strive for. A perfect OSRS boss is something we wanted to make and we achieved it! Expect all future bosses to be as awesome as Hydra. We always felt that the requirements to unlock awesome content on OSRS is the limiting factor. This way your grind journey is small but you can enjoy and learn all the mechanics without any consequences!


Bug Fixes

  • Skeleton mages are now considered undead for salve amulet
  • Fixed the tutorial for new players
  • Twisted slayer helmets now have the "check" boss log option
  • Fixed ::rules command to direct you to the rules thread
  • Fixed ::unjail coords
  • Arclight now has its bonuses for zammy minions in gwd
  • General typos fix
  • Fixed dragon chainbody Id in mystery box
  • Adjusted the price of dragonstone
  • Turoth in fremmy dungeon now has drops, it was the wrong Id
  • Fixed a issue with amyethyst rocks
  • Poison now shows up if you use the new hitsplats
  • Fixed download new client link when an update happens
  • Slayer tasks can now be unblocked


  • DWH drop rate has been slightly buffed & angler drops have been removed from the table - This one is for you AJ
  • Slow mode added to Discord - #bugs & #suggestions - discuss game content in new channel #content-discussion
  • You can now recreate your slayer helmet if you disassemble it
  • You can now create your slayer helmet from the black mask from golden key
  • Zulrah teleport is now in the Teleport Interface and is free
  • Added hard clues back into golden chest, you have a 1-5 chance to receive one while opening the chest
  • Adjusted the rate for gem box received from crafting
  • You can now teleport to ameythst mining via mining teleport
  • Vesta's spear is now full damage at corp
  • Twisted bow affect now works on Kree'arra
  • Quest Tab got a visual update - Added time played, shield & token charges
  • Custom Discord bot added - do ::commands in the #bot-commands channel in discord
  • Instance/Slayer Tokens added in game (V & D Store)
  • Slayer revamp - details below
  • Hydra is here -details below
  • Item of the week - Neitiznot faceguard

Slayer Revamp

  • Kraken, Cave Krakens, Alchemical Hydra and Cerberus now require tasks in order to be killed
  • Cerberus teleport is now in the Teleport Menu and is free
  • Instance Tokens can bypass the task requirement as long as you have the corresponding slayer level
  • Instance Tokens last one kill - currently work for Kraken, Alchemical Hydra & Cerberus
  • Slayer Shield now has charges instead of unlimited skips - 10 charges are 10m can can be purchased in the "Buy" tab at the slayer shop. Charges are account, not shield, specific (You will keep charges if you sell your shield)
  • Superior Slayer monsters drops have been reworked - there are now 2 categories Easy & Hard (table below)
  • Easy superiors have a 1/150 (1.5%) chance of dropping a Slayer Shield and a 1/20 (5%) chance of dropping one of the Imbued Hearts. (Flat 1% on everything before)
  • Hard superiors have a 1/75 (3%) chance of dropping a Slayer Shield and a 1/10 (10%) chance of dropping one of the Imbued Hearts. (Flat 1% on everything before)


  • Easy - Crushing hand, chasm crawler, screaming banshee, giant rockslug, cockathrice, flaming pyrelord
  • Hard - screaming twisted banshee, monstrous basilik, insatiable bloodveld, insatiable mutated bloodveld, vitreous jelly, vitreous warped jelly, cave abomination, abhorrent spectre, repugnant spectre, choke devil, king kurask, marble gargoyle, nechryarch, greater absyssal demon, night beast, nuclear smoke devil


  • Hydra is now here and its almost 1:1 OSRS
  • Hydra has all 4 phases with special damage & will alternate attacks.
  • The only difference between OSRS and ours is that, on the lightning phase, the timing for when the lightning special attack starts is quicker than OSRS. It will start after Hydra's 3rd attack.
  • Because this is new content we've TEMPORARILY made this a safe-death zone for HCIM. This safe-death period will last for a few days.
  • We've also made deaths temporarily free, so you will keep all your items if you die.
  • If you've never attempted Hydra before we highly recommend watching the video below.

Thanks for all the support!

Developer at Valkyrie

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