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Mimic, Draw Distance, Ground Items & $25 Bond Giveaway!

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Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. We've implemented a schedule for Boosts so that every weekend there will always be some sort of server boost. Events will now be scheduled 3 days prior to announcing and will include some sort of group activity. Events will be hosted by staff but if a community member would like to host an event by all means, just speak to any staff member and they will coordinate with you. 

Boosts Schedule* (1 Month):

  • Weekend 1 - Vote
  • Weekend 2 - Raids
  • Weekend 3 - Slayer
  • Weekend 4 - Double Experience

*During the week, we'll keep it more open ended and see what the community wants and will turn on boosts as needed

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Boost Timers ticking other boosts down when activating
  • Fixed an issue with teleporting above 20 wilderness using the Teleport Menu
  • Fixed Vorkath not attacking players if they left mid fight
  • Dragon Hunter Lance now works on Vorkath
  • Dragon Hunter Lance & Bow now work on Olm
  • Adjusted Vorkath's damage - slightly nerfed his hits from Random (1-10) + 30 to Random (1-10) + 15
  • All Master Clue scrolls now have correct in-game item requirements


  • Settings Interface has been updated to match OSRS
  • F Keys are now customizable
  • NPC & Player Attack Priority now is fully customizable
  • Item value overlays have been added
    • Values & Highlighting
      • < 5000 = Grey
      • < 50000 = White
      • < 1000000 = Green
      • > 1000000 = Blue
    • Items can be hidden if the user wants - use CTRL to bring up the box & click it to hide the item
      • Item Hiding is per cache (per computer) so it will affect all accounts
    • Items values are based on OSRS GE Value*
  • Increased draw distance has now been added (Thanks to Fiery our new developer!)
  • Players now have 2 crowns reflecting their Donations!
    • Ironmen will see a $ next to their ironman icon the next time they login
    • Staff will also see a $ next to their Staff Icon
  • Staff & Platinum Donators now will have their respective Crowns above their heads to stand out in the community
  • Sliders are now actual sliders, so you can adjust the zoom & the brightness to your exact liking
  • Item of the Week - Slayer Shield, Ferocious Gloves & Hydra's Feet
    • Added a few more due to the lack of weekly item updates
  • Mimic has now been added to the game! Start Mastering those clues!

*Items will not always reflect the correct GE value due to the API not grabbing all prices correctly (this mainly affects items not traded as often)


First person to get a Heavy Chest from Mimic will receive a $25 Bond!

  • Mimic is a bit different on here, instead of getting 6 chances to fight the mimic, and rolling the master/ elite table, players only get 1 chance to fight the boss 
  • Once a player has killed the boss, they will get 2 rolls, one from the rare-very rare drop table, and the other from the common - rare drop table
  • Mimic will be randomly spawned from an Elite or a Master clue scroll
  • Items are kept on death in this area.
  • WARNING: HCIM will lose their Hardcore Status upon dying in the mimic area!


Thanks for all the support guys! 

Developer at Valkyrie

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