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Sprites, Map Icons, Quality of Life

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Hey everyone,

This is the first update with our new development team. Leviathan, Coins & I have been working hard to fix a lot of bugs & updates that'll make your game experience much better. We're going to be focusing on a lot of quality of life and then transition into content when we feel like we have a solid stable game. Hope you guys are here for the long run because we are!

Bug Fixes

  • fixed mods yelling ability
  • fixed global new player announcement for staff
  • anvils & spinning wheel at home are fixed
  • fixed trivia question on personal banker
  • fixed shortcut to red dragons in brimhaven dungeon
  • fixed curing poison for (this is for Extreme donor +) Ornate rejuvenation pool
  • you can now make divine super strength potion
  • dagannoths kc is now fixed
  • mutated bloodvelds are now in catacombs
  • dragon darts now have a value
  • black mask has the bonuses as slayer helmet
  • temporarily disabled mining clue scrolls (glitch)
  • fixed thieving stall placement (now adjusted by level required)
  • buffed amount of gold received from theiving stalls
  • fixed double pet spawning


  • Ornate rejuvenation pool now restores run
  • you can now enter the cyclopes room while wearing the Attack skillcape
  • weapon store & mage of zamorak is now at home
  • Mining capes now have a 5% chance of mining double ore while worn
  • Saradomin ancestral set is added to the donator store
  • you now get the amount you put in the craws bow back.
  • you can now use bones on the same altar as switching your spell book
  • lowered cost of unf potions from 35K to 2K
  • updated staff icons
  • map icons
  • object & npc names & sprite overlays


Hope you guys enjoy the update!

Developer at Valkyrie

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