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Asdar's Staff Application

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In-Game Username:


Country & Timezone:
USA, Mountain time zone -7:00

Average time played per day:
7-14 hours

What days are you available to play:
Basically every day, since I broke my knee and have nothing better to do. 

Why do you want to be a staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank:
I'd like to help out people who have questions, I also want to help make this a friendly environment to have other players feel like they enjoy their time playing.  
I feel I have a good maturity level and definitely know the difference between right and wrong. I feel my leadership skills are great and I can make wise decisions without being bias. 
I know that the owners can count on me to not run to them with every problem I encounter and to end up making decisions on the required disciplinary action.

Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned:

If yes, which one, for how long and why: N/A

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