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    Future Events

    Currently, events are lack luster to say the least. I'll be the first to admit it. Farming a boss over and over can be boring. That's just my personal opinion and doesn't represent everyone. I'd like to know what everyone wants, to better the game for everyone. I'd like to invite everyone on the server to answer these questions. Do you want to see an event system in place rewarding participation? (tokens similiar to raids, you can turn in for rewards) Do you want more events focused around PvM? (bossing) Do you want to see events focused on PvP? (player killing) Are there any ideas for events you'd like to see come to life? (suggestions) Do you want an event rewarding you for work outside the game? (advertisements, videos, etc) (rewards being bonds for winners) Do you want owners, and high level staff to be more active in events? (bringing all members together) Do you want events based on skilling? (pets, or random event npcs) Do you want less events? (please explain, yes, or no) (suggestions) Should there be events outside the game? (discord events, forum events)
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