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  1. As you have been very helpful in game, and I believe you will continue to do so. We will wait before Approving/ Denying till we have more need in the server. as the server grows or as staff resign/ become inactive you will be considered :) Keep up the good work.
  2. Approved. :) Dont let me down.
  3. Can you please Share with us from where you have experience please?
  4. Valkyrie Gambling Rules Please do not attempt to gamble if you do not understand or agree to these rules. If you need help, please message a staff member or Middleman Please gamble smart, only gamble what you are willing to lose. Good luck!! 1.) You are NOT allowed to gamble items that belong to someone else, or that you don't actually own. 2.) Donators are not allowed to plant or roll dice for other players with out donator status. (unless hosting Hot or Cold, 55x2, or Blackjack which the host is the donator) 3.) Always have a Staff member or a Middleman (title) player Hold your pots to prevent scams. 4.) If for any reason a scam does occur, Video proof will be required to be guaranteed getting items back. (we can check logs but this can prove difficult and take a lot of time) 5.) Both players Must show each other which items they are gambling with to each other to ensure both players have the said items at the time of the bet. Flowers for Valkyrie Mithril seeds are tradeable, BUT Flowers can only be planted by Extreme Donator Rank or higher ($50+) Mithril seeds can be Purchased for 10k Each from the Gambler store at ::gamble. (They can be resold to the gambler for 5k each, only buy what you can afford) Flower Poker Rules Requires Extreme Donator Rank + ($50) to plant seeds. 1.) Each player will plant 5 Mithril seeds in a straight line row moving from East to West. 2.) Once a player has started planting seeds, they have fully agreed to the Pot and CANNOT back out and must continue planting all 5 seeds. 3.) If a player logs out while planting seeds and the flowers planted disappear, They will Forfeit the Pot unless both players agree to replant. 4.) In the event of a Tie or Both players "Bust", By Default, players will REPLANT. Any adjustment to this must be discussed before a pot is determined. 5.) Black and White flowers are by Default a REPLANT (BWRP). Any adjustment to this must be discussed before a Pot is determined. 6.) Both players must confirm that they are ready before planting. The winning case is as follows: 5oak>4oak>Full House>3oak>2pair>1pair>bust Bust = if a player plants 5 different flowers 1 Pair = When a player plants 2 flowers of the same color 2 Pair = When a player plants 2 different pairs of flowers 3oak = When a player plants 3 flowers of the same color, 3 "of a kind" Full house = When a player plants 3 flowers of the same color, and has 1 pair at the same time 4oak = When a player plants 4 flowers of the same color, 4 "of a kind" 5oak = When a player plants 5 flowers of the same color, 5 "of a kind" Black or White (Replant) Hot or Cold Rules 1.) Only Extreme rank+ ($50) can host Hot or Cold. 2.) Both players must agree to the pot BEFORE planting seeds. 3.) "Non-host" player will attempt to guess Hot or Cold, and "Host" will plant a seed. (by choosing Hot or cold, the player has agreed to the pot) - If "Non-host" is correct, they win the pot, if incorrect the "Host" keeps the pot. 4.) If the Host plants a "Mixed Flower" Which is Red, Yellow, and Blue, By Default the Host wins. 5.) If the Host plants a Black or White Flower, By Default the Host must replant. Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Mixed Flowers (Host wins) Black and White Flowers (Replant) Dicing on Valkyrie Dicing Bag's are NOT tradeable, and can only be rolled by players with Legendary Donator Rank or higher ($100+) Dice Bag's can be Purchased for 500m each from the Gambler store at ::gamble. (They can be resold to the gambler for 100m) The Dice Bag always rolls on a 1-100 Roll. Dice Duels Rules 1.) Both players must be Legendary Donator or higher ($100+) in order to participate. 2.) Both players will each roll the dice once per turn. 3.) The player who wins 3 turns 1st, wins. 4.) Once a player has started Rolling, they have agreed to terms and Items in the pot. (no backing out) 5.) If a player logs out in the middle of a duel, they will forfeit the pot unless both players agree to start over. 6.) Both players must confirm that they are ready before rolling. 7.) There are no Ties in Dice Duel Example: Leviathan (Player) vs Brat (Player) 45m vs 45m = 90m pot First Round Leviathan (51) vs Brat (37) Leviathan 1-0 Second Round Leviathan (5) vs Brat (62) Leviathan/Brat 1-1 Third Round Leviathan (95) vs Brat (92) Leviathan 2-1 Winner is Leviathan and they receive 90m 55x2 Rules 1.) Only Legendary rank+ ($100+) can host 55x2. 2.) Both players must agree to the pot BEFORE the host rolls the dice. 3.) "Non-host" and "Host" will Trade to determine pot. 4.) Host will Roll the Dice once - if 55+ Non-host wins. -if 54 or below, the Host wins. 5.) The host must confirm that the player is ready before Rolling. Example: Leviathan (host) vs Brat (player) Brat trades 50m to Levaithan and confirms 55x2 Leviathan rolls a 75, Brat wins the bet. Leviathan must pay 100m to Brat. Black Jack Rules 1.) Only Legendary rank+ ($100+) can host Blackjack. 2.) Both players must agree to the pot BEFORE the host rolls the dice. 3.) "Non-host" and "Host" will Trade to determine pot. 4.) The host must confirm that the player is ready before Rolling. Ideal gameplay for blackjack: The Host will Roll the dice for the player, and player will say Hit or Stay to determine if the host will roll again. The goal is to reach as close to 100 with out going over (bust) If the player Busts, they lose, Once the player chooses Stay, and hasnt Busted, the Host will then Begin rolling for themselves. Rolling to Beat the players number with out busting. If the Host is able to get a greater number with out going over 100, the host wins. If the host goes over 100, They Bust, and lose.
  5. We will leave this application here incase this player returns to activity or meets staff requirements.
  6. We will leave this application here incase this player returns to activity or meets staff requirements.
  7. Valkyrie's Trivia Questions / Answers How to use this guide and answer questions: Type ::answer (answer) or ::trivia (answer) to answer questions 1st player to answer the questions successfully obtains 1 trivia point and 750k cash in their inventory :) Where to spend the points: Teleport home and run east of the bank to spend points Use Ctrl + F to search questions for answers :) "Which developer of Valkyrie made the refinery?" "What is the max combat level on Valkyrie if there was summoning?" "What slayer level is required to kill thermonuclear smoke devil?" "What crafting level is needed to make the amulet of torture?" "What command is used to claim vote points?" "What shield has a 70% chance of reducing the damage taken by 25%?" "Where can you find runite ore on Valkyrie?" "What tree requires 90 woodcutting to cut?" "What boss drops the dragon warhammer?" "What head is needed to make the turquoise slayer helmet?" "What range level is required to equipt the twisted bow?" "What clan chat can you join to get help from other players?" "What ranged level is required to wear armadyl armor?" "What combat level is giant mole?" "How many attack styles does zulrah use?" "What magic level is needed to cast blood blitz?" "What attack level is required to equipt an abyssal dagger? " "What Fishing level is required to catch a shark?" "What NPC drops an elysion sigil?" "What level does the imbued heart boost your magic level up too?" "What KC of brawlers is needed to have the points for full elite void?" "At what city do you make enhanced crystal keys?" "What monster drops abyssal whips?" "What is the killcount required to enter a God Wars Dungeon boss room?" "How many crystal shards are required to create a enhanced crystal key?" "How are bludgeon pieces aquired?" "What slayer level is needed to kill Alchemical Hydra?" "How much special attack is used in one BGS spec?" "What NPC drops Thammaron's Sceptre?" "What crafting level is required to cut an uncut dragonstone?" "Which skills do not give prestige points?" "What item can I randomly receive just for skilling?" "What is the chance of receiving a cabbage cape?" "What herblore level is required to make a Stamina Potion?" "Where can I see a list of all the commands?" "How can I see the drops of npcs?" "What magic level is required to cast the spell Lvl-5 enchant?" "Which tab contains the option to lock your xp?" "What object can you use bones on to receive double prayer experience?" "I found a bug. Where should I report it?" "You should use a ______ password when playing Valkyrie." "How many pest control points does full void elite cost?" "How many marks of grace does full graceful cost?" "Who is in charge of the lottery?" "Which NPC allows you to reset a skill?" "Which NPC allows you to prestige a skill?" "What is the maximum number of prestiges per skill?" "Where can I submit suggestions, including new trivia questions?" "Where can I exchange mysterious emblems for points?" "What city teleport takes you closest to the fishing guild?" "How many waves is the Inferno?" "You can vote every __ hours for rewards and to help the server grow." "Where can I get an account pin to help keep my account secure?" "Cor blimey mate, what are ye doing in me pockets?" "Burn with me!" "Crowned three times; the king of its kind." "Who can you talk to at home to toggle skilling messages?" "You can toggle account pins to only ask on __ ______?" "Which npc is responsible for player presets?" "Which npc is responsible for repairing broken armor?" "What agility level do you need to do the ardougne roof top course?" "How many prestiges are required to wear the Completionist cape?" "What slayer level is required to kill Cerberus?" "What item turns your player into a pile of coins?" "What ingredient is needed to make extended antifire potions?" "What is the Zamorakian godwars boss called?" "Which cape grants a 10% drop rate boost?" "How many coins are needed to enter the lottery?" "What title do you win for having the most votes for the month?" "How many hits does an abyssal tentacle last?" "Which altar has a 50% chance of not using up bones when offered?" "Which item gives you a 50% chance to craft two items at once?" "How do I get my bonds after donating?" "Which store sells the Dwarf Multi Cannon?" "Where can you recharge amulets of glory?" "How much do cooking gauntlets boost cooking experience by?" "Which donator status comes with a personal banker?" "Where is the vote store located?" "Which payment platform can I donate with?" "How much slower is extreme mode compared to normal?" "What is the chance of receiving an Inferno pet?" "Which item is used on a spirit shield to bless it?" "How many different achievements are there?" "Where can you buy elemental shields?" "How many pest control points do Brawlers give on death?" "Which ring acts as an infinite ring of recoil?" "How many steps are clue scrolls?" "You can drop items without right clicking by holding what key?" "Where do Fremennik sea boots 4 teleport you to?" "Where can I get a twisted bow as a drop?" "What is the best wand in-game?"
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    Quality of Life

    ohhh yeah nice
  9. Valkyrie's Guide Competition We are looking for some contributing and creative players to make guides for the server!! We will be giving away 5x $10 bonds to the creators of the 5 best guides!!! Courtesy of @Leviathan Players will have till the end on June 20th at midnight Central Daylight time (GMT-5) Guide requirements Make sure that the guides have as much detail describing what a player should do, dont just copy everything from the osrs wiki if you're not sure that the content on this server is exactly the same. Some things are slightly different which is where these guides will come in handy for new players. Make sure that guides explain how a player can fully achieve the goal of the guide (farming - how to get seeds, Runecrafting - how to get to the abyss) including level requirements and try to make sure your guides are also ironman compatable as well. Try to include alternate methods to do what ever the guides are about, including different combat styles or cheaper methods longer methods vs faster more expensive methods. Players can make as many guides as they want, and players can potentially win more than one bond. The bonds are per guide voted to be the best completed by the end date posted above. But keep in mind the more work you put into a guide, will possibly give you the best chance of winning bonds I have made a Guide index/directory on the Guides page: Valkyries Guide Directory Which has multiple suggestions and guides we would like to see implemented on the forums. Thanks and Best of luck everyone. Please post below what guide(s) you will be making so other players may have an idea what they are going up against and so we dont get 3-5 players making the same guides. feel free to work together on these as well.
  10. Valkyrie's Guide Directory With this index of guides should help newer and even experienced players who are looking for current existing guides, as well as which guides are yet to be made. The guides deemed the most efficient and useful for all players will be provided here as they become available. Use ctrl+f to help find the names of a specific guide if needed. Brand new to the server? Start here Starter Guide List of the Rules Donator Benefits Price Guide Valkyrie's Trivia Questions / Answers Guides still needed for section ( FAQ's, Ironmen Guide(s), Guide for gear in game(so players can see stats with out having the items) Money Making Guides We are looking for guides which can help new players and more experienced players to making money Suggestions for guides, Revenants, Bossing, Slayer Pvm / Boss guides List of guides still to be made, but not limited to: Hydra Guide, Thermy, Cerb, Zulrah,Corp Beast, Demonics, Ancient Gorilla, Godwars Bosses. Pest Control / how to get void. Guides to help with slayer. Wilderness boss / slayer. Anything else useful or needed to help. Titans Vorkath Guide Catacombs Monster Locations Skilling Guides Would like to see a guide of some sort for each skill potentially. feel free to combine more than one skill in a single guide if its related example: mining and smithing Morning's Skilling Item Benefits Guide Riddler's Farming / Herblore Guide Other Guides / Tips other potential guides to be made: list of all pets, clue scroll guide, anything that doesnt fall in the above catagories. Golden Key Rewards Brimstone Chest Rewards Mystery Box Loots
  11. Brat

    Event Suggestions

    Hello everyone! We looking for players suggestions on events which would be rewarding and/or exciting enough to get players out of bed to participate in them. Events could be as simple as a short and sweet event like a competition / tournament, or a longer event like the 1st player to obtain a pet. What we need: Rewards which would be good enough to bring players on to play even out of their time zones 😮 but also wouldnt be too game breaking. Events that arent too boring and would be exciting enough to bring in all types of players to participate so players are just skipping events Please make your suggestions with as much detail so we can understand exactly what you would be looking for. if you have any questions or would like to run a suggestion by one of us before posting feel free to message a staff member on discord. Thanks :)
  12. Added Opal ring Featured and Pinned, Very nice job @Morning
  13. Brat

    Price Guide

    If you notice any items you feel should be added to this list, pleast post them here or message me or another staff member on discord or in game. TY :)
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