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  1. on transparent terms, i feel like you'd fit the role of a server support almost to a tee; you're consistently online for a significant amount of time as well as having played through most of the current in-game content. you're considerate and level headed when it comes to decision making, and have a sense of balance when it comes to game experience. +1 from me :)
  2. -1 from me. While i don't doubt or disapprove of your experience and pedigree when it comes to staff team oriented content, I've personally encountered a rather toxic and disrespectful persona from you recently. This leads me to consider response stability, as well as volatility. Through my own growing recently, ive reflected and realized that some of the main aspects of being in a staff rank, are maturity and rationality which are rather considerably valuable traits that i feel you're currently lacking in. This response is based off my interpretation of you, and your social equity ingame of within the past few weeks.
  3. Trevor

    Future Events

    I Feel that if we had global events on a 12hour rotation, determined by rng (1\4 chance for each event((currently)) is a good rng roll) we would solve the autonomy issue we're currently feeling. In regards to pvm events, i feel like if we could consider mid-high tier pvm npcs; not end-game pvm, the general populous would be unanimously decisive on whether or not the event should be a go or not. PvP events are also a conspicuous topic as many players chose not to, or simply dont like pvp. For those that do, perhaps a weekly(weekend) pvp tournament with determined account builds and specifications could be set the week prior to the tournament would be a viable alternative.
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