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  1. +1 Awakens plays late into the night for most people, and is always consistently online. He is always a helpful player and is very easy to get along with (This is coming from me, im not very easy to get along with ask anyone) This guy though, definitely has proved he is committed and will be a great improvement to the staff team.
  2. Farming Teleport to the farming area via spellbook-skilling-farming. To get your first level's you will need to buy a rake and start raking patches until you reach level 9. Alternatively you can plant potato's until level 9. XP RATES ARE LISTED AS (PLANTING/HARVESTING) ON NORMAL MODE Lvl 1-9 Raking patches 140xp Lvl 9-14 Guam 385xp Lvl 14-19 Marrentill 472xp Lvl 19-26 Tarromin 560xp/630xp Lvl 26-32 Harralander 752xp/840Xp Lvl 32-38 Ranarr 945xp/1067xp Lvl 38-44 Toadflax 1190xp/1347xp Lvl 44-50 Irit 1505xp/1697xp Lvl 50-56 Avantoe 1907xp/2152XP Lvl 56-62 Kwuarm 2415xp/2730xp Lvl 62-67 Snapdragon 3062xp/3447xp Lvl 67-73 Cadantine 3727xp/4200xp Lvl 73-79 Lantadyme 4707xp/5302xp Lvl 79-85 Dwarf Weed 5967xp/6702xp Lvl 85+ Tortsol 6962xp/7857xp Herblore Lvl 3 Attack Potion (Guam+Eye of newt) Lvl 5 Antipoison (Marrentill+Unicorn Horn Dust) Lvl 12 Strength Potion (Tarromin+Limpwurt root) Lvl 22 Restore Potion (Harralander+Red spiders' eggs) Lvl 26 Energy Potion (Harralander+Chocolate Dust) Lvl 30 Defence Potion (Ranarr weed+White berries) Lvl 34 Agility Potion (Toadflax+Toad's Legs) Lvl 36 Combat Potion (Harralander+Goat horn dust) Lvl 38 Prayer Potion (Rannar weed+Snape grass) Lvl 45 Super attack (Irit leaf+eye of newt) Lvl 48 Superantipoison (Irit leaf+unicorn horn dust) Lvl 50 Fishing Potion (Avantoe+Snape grass) Lvl 52 Super energy (Avantoe+Mort myre fungus) Lvl 55 Super Strength (Kwuarm+Limpwurt root) Lvl 60 Weapon Posion (Kwuarm+dragon scale dust) Lvl 63 Super Restore (Snapdragon+Red spiders' eggs) Lvl 66 Super Defence (Cadantine+White berries) Lvl 68 Antidote+ (Toadflax+Yew roots) Lvl 69 Antifire Potion (Lantadyme+Dragon scale dust) Lvl 70 Divine Potions (Super Att/Str/Def+Crystal dust) Lvl 72 Ranging Potion (Dwarf weed+Wine of zammorak) Lvl 74 Divine Ranging potion (Ranging potion+Crystal dust) Lvl 76 Magic Potion (Lantadyme+Potato Cactus) Lvl 77 Stamina potion (Super energy potion+Amylase Crystal) Lvl 78 Zamorak Brew (Torstol+Jangerberries) Lvl 78 Divine Magic Potion (Magic potion+Crystal dust) Lvl 81 Saradomin Brew (Toadflax+Crushed Bird's nest) Lvl 84 Extended Antifire (Antifire potion+Lava scale shard) Lvl 90 Super combat potion (Super att+super str+super def+tortsol) Lvl 97 Divine Super Combat Potion (Super combat potion+Crystal dust) Lvl 98 Extended Super Antifire (Super antifire+lave scale shard) Made by Riddler
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