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  1. the other "issues" you say going on in the community involving me and my "group" of friends is just outrageous. I was there when the player in question supposedly influenced people into exploiting a bug and it wasn't even close to that, we were just talking like normal in a voice chat and bugs came up and he mentioned the bug and how people would get banned for using it, there was no influencing except maybe influencing them not to abuse it. I don't care about getting crashed its just the way you did it was childish and isn't a good look.
  2. -1 gets butthurt over the littlest things such as somebody camping a boss that he wants to kill then proceeds to crash them like a child. Makes up lies about other players to make them seem bad and him seem better. Doesn't really answer peoples questions in cc and argues with people in cc. Overall doesn't handle situations well and I don't think he deserves to be staff.
  3. Name: CjIn-Game Username: Cj/Failed Hcim among many othersAge: 16Country & Timezone: United States Mountain Standard TimeAverage time played per day: Minimum 6 hours especially now that summer is upon us, been playing 10+ most days though.What days are you available to play: Every day that ends with yWhy do you want to be a staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank:I want to be a staff member because I believe I could better the server through being a staff member in various ways. I feel I deserve the rank because i'm constantly helping new and old players alike with any questions anyone may have, I constantly try to bring the community together, and many members have messaged me telling me I should apply or asking why i'm not staff. I play much more than the average player and have great game knowledge from the fact that i played 5k hours on the previous server. I was admin for a couple years on the previous server as well so I have a bit of staff experience and how to handle problems that may arise. I'm often on late into the morning (4 am ish) and theres usually no staff online from 10 pm my time to about 6 am and it would be beneficial to have a staff member on at those times. I would like to believe that I would benefit the server in multiple ways if I were to become staff. Regardless of whether or not I become staff I will continue to do the things that i've been doing to better the server.Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: NopeIf yes, which one, for how long and why: N/A Thanks for taking the time to read my application, any feedback is welcomed positive or negative.
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