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  1. Howdy! First one of these little updates posted by me 😄, todays update is more focused about today's Event. Bug Fixes: Black Chins and Carnivorous Chins and Cow pets have had their pet rates increased, so they would be harder to acquire.(Players can now pet farm for Pet Event) Fixed Larran's Chest not giving Dagon Hai Robes as a drop. All Dag Rings (i ) & (ie) General price to store and alch prices changed. Imbued God capes no longer Loose on death. Dragon Scimitar (or) can now be dismantled. Fixed Ironman converting to HCIM when trying to change EXP Rates. Farming Ring now gives the correct Exp when Effect activates. Farming Cape and Ring now drop the Extra herbs on the ground, rather than completely losing them when your inventory is full. Farming Cape and Ring messages can now be toggled off, when Toggling Skilling Messages at Sir Tog Alot at Home inside the bank. Adjustments: Hydra's Lightning phase has gotten a buff, players are no longer able to tank the Lightning Spawns, as they will hit between 10-30 damage, aswell as take the players prayer off and stun the player, so I would run if i were yall 😈 All Skilling pets have had their drop rates modified, Agility pet is now a 1/4500, All other Skilling pets are 1/7500.(Reduced from 1/10000) Event: Today's Event is Raids will be hosted by @Brat at 12:00 PM CDT, for more details about the event and Requirements, vist the #events in our Discord. Thank you everyone for all the Support, Leviathan Developer at Valkyrie
  2. Declined. Players who go out of their way to abuse a bug for personal gain rather than help remove the exploit, should not get the chance to make staff.
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