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  1. Out of all the aplications i've read through, Titan and brat are the only people I would consider being a staff member, I've not spoke to titan too much but my interactions with him are pretty solid, Brat on the other hand has been the rock to my dumbest questions. Not only does brat answer any questions I have regarding the items in the game, He also sit's and talks me through certain mechanics on bosses which I'm struggling to understand. Brat get's my vote for staff. +1 Cold
  2. Cold

    Future Events

    Do you want to see an event system in place rewarding participation? (tokens similiar to raids, you can turn in for rewards) - I think this is a great idea, Just don't make the items you can get from the reward unavailable everywhere else because that will force you into doing it, Make it rewarding but not mandatory. Do you want more events focused around PvM? (bossing) - This is a tough one because not every player is able to kill certain bosses, I think you should avoid stuff like Corp/Godwars bosses. These hit hard and for any HCIM players they're risky to do. Do you want to see events focused on PvP? (player killing) - I don't have an opnion on this matter as I've not played long enough to know. Are there any ideas for events you'd like to see come to life? (suggestions) Double points for slayer is a great concept and allows for some rewarding grind, I think you could find more event's similar to this such as double exp for a skill for 2 hours, Perhaps even a world drop rate increase allowing people more of a chance to get the item they're grinding for. Do you want an event rewarding you for work outside the game? (advertisements, videos, etc) (rewards being bonds for winners) - I believe people outside of the game that contribute anything to the server such as content or even playerbase should be rewarded. I don't believe it should be an " event " it should be a static reward. Do you want owners, and high level staff to be more active in events? (bringing all members together) - You can't force anyone to play when they don't want to, I believe the staff and the owners are working very hard and doing very well at the current task they have. Do you want events based on skilling? (pets, or random event npcs) - This is answered in the section about event's I would like to see. Do you want less events? (please explain, yes, or no) (suggestions) - I would actually perfer a system where the event's would be smaller such as 2x exp for a skill on a 6/12 hour rotation. Should there be events outside the game? (discord events, forum events) - This isn't something that has to do with Valkyrie or even runescape in general, This is something that should be discussed between players that activly group up and talk to eachother. Since it's them who's going to make or break any event outside of the game I hope my input has helped and I hope to see a great future for Valkyrie. I'll see you in-game, Cold
  3. Cold's Resource Service Need resources but too lazy to farm them? My services are FREE but if you want to pay me it's very much appreciated. What can I offer you? Cooked/Uncooked Fish of any kind Ores/Bars of any kind Bones for your prayer needs Logs of any kind Ability to afk and get free slayer points I am an ironman so if you do wish to pay for my services, I will have a second account called Cold Normal for any tips, If you wish to donate via in-name donations please speak to me in-game about it. Please remember the service is FREE. The best way to contact me is to message me in-game with a request ALL TRADES WILL HAVE TO BE DONE VIA A DROP TRADE BECAUSE OF MY INABILITY TO TRADE Best regards, Cold
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