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  1. Hey everyone, Big shout out to the OGs and all the new players that have been joining for supporting the server. ToB is in its testing phase so expect that very soon; until then we have a long list of updates below! Bug Fixes: Herb sack and Seed box save your supplies on logout Angler outfit is fixed when wielding a Dragon harpoon Ironmen now have access to rune store in Yanille and TzHaar Ancient gorillas Slayer experience fix Login limit has been increased Bree's definitions have been fixed Chat timestamps are now accurate and record previous times (up to 500 messages) Bank-X is back, it has replaced Bank-All but one Vengeance now returns 75% of damage back instead of 55% Tribrid heart now uses its own timer Smithing has been fixed you no longer stop smithing randomly Updates: Hydra lightning damage increased to prevent still standing & attack timer has been added, will remove prayers Rune pouch has been added to the game - obtainable for 1,000 Slayer points or for 500 Wildy shop points Seed box now has a fully-functioning interface (OSRS) Master scroll book is a new item that stores booster totems and scrolls Stash units are now here! They will store all items used for clue scrolls Adjusted Lizardman shaman teleport location - you can now use the east and west ladders to get to more Shamans. ::price was added into the ::commands list Black graceful has been added White graceful dye is now available in the Graceful store Renamed Heart crystal (range) to Twisted heart and the melee one to Infernal heart HCIM antibot implemented instead of being attacked by a chicken (only for chicken random) Modified items from Donator & Vote store Implemented a brand new Vote & Store system. Previous versions are deprecated ::reward command needs no additional parameters. All votes will be redeemed Vote Event now is limited to only doubling the first 10 votes you redeem. If for example you have 35 votes to claim and the event is active you will receive 35 + 10 bonus tickets for a total of 45 tickets. This resets every 24 hours from the time of the command Hunter has been completely revamped see below for additional information Gambling is now in the game. Click here for all the rules & activities. Hunter Revamp Removed the killing chinchompas mechanic Added in working box & snare traps with animations Traps will fall & de-spawn after a certain amount of time Moved Hunter NPC, red, grey chins & birds to the new Hunter area Moved black chins to the wilderness area Talking to the Hunter NPC will give you the option to be transported to the Impling area Players can now catch imps barehanded! Imps do not stand still anymore Traps left setup when player logs out will be sent back to the players inventory Hunter now has a chance to fail catching its about 5-8% better than OSRS catch rates crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
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    Quality of Life

    Hey everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We worked on a lot of small issues with the server the past week. A bunch of quality of life & bugs have been sorted out. We've been working on some content, it is on its way so stay tuned! Bug Fixes: Fixed the Boost Timers ticking other boosts down when activating You can now string all crossbows with crossbow string You can now make dragon spear(p++) by combining dragon spear & weapon poison Elemental shield now works for skeletal wyverns Master clue stepe is now fixed, the double agent will no longer spawn in the cart Seers ring & Seers ring(i) stats are the same osrs You can now disassemble hydra & twisted slayer helmets ::rules & ::price is now fixed Fixed the "70 attack" trivia answer to just "70" Boots of hades now has a deathvalue of 50m Ferocious gloves are now tradable Armadyl, bandos, ancient crozier now has prayer bonuses Armadyl, bandos, ancient mitre now has prayer bonuses Armadyl, bandos, ancient stole now has prayer bonuses Ancient cloak now has its prayer bonus Fixed a graphic issue with crior coat Bracelet mould will no longer consume when making onyx bracelet Bug submission now closes our correctly (issue with CC) Fixed Achievement tab cutting off achievements Fixed UIM Clues from Woodcutting and Mining going to bank Fixed Slayer Achievements Adjusted Scorpia's Skill levels and Bonuses Fixed Catacomb mobs from not being aggressive Changed some spawned mobs walking to true Fix for points for Scorpia's guardians and Offsprings Added clipping value to dragons Fixed Olm using dragon breath on players Fixed Vigora's chainmace boosts to mobs in wilderness PM Ignores now work correctly Highscores now works for UIM Updates: You can now receive a Herbi pet from herblore, finishing potions Comp cape is now 6% drop rate instead of 3 You can now create Mythical max cape, simply combine mythical cape with a max cape Raids teleport has been moved under minigames teleport You now get the experience from the double herb from wearing farmers ring You can now dismantle your Etherium bracelet Black demons now count as Skotizo for slayer tasks Added Fremmenik sea boots 4 to Vorkath's drop table Added dragon (or) creation Added dragon scimitar (or) kit to hard clues Dragon scimitar (or) can be dismantled Added brimstone boot creation We understand server has been a bit slower recently, but we've bought a bunch of premium ads, updated our graphics and have been working on some awesome content that'll hopefully attract some awesome new players! The best way you can help the server grow is by voting. If we're on the first page of all website we will get more traction! Coins has started advertising in a bunch of Discord Servers so we're on our way up again! We appreciate all your support. crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
  3. Hey everyone! UIM is here and it's definitely a fun challenge. We've created the essentials that you'll need to start off and more storage spaces & mechanics will come within the next few updates. We also did a huge wilderness revamp including content for both PvMers and PKers. Take a look at the full updates below. Bug Fixes Fixed the god damn drop table! Fixed Prayer bonus on all Spirit Shields Fixed Boost Timers staying on Fixed issue with replying to some players using Tab in PMs Reduced alch value for items Fixed issue with double Icons when de-ironing & extreme accounts Updated website gold & mob tracker to include very rare drops Updates Removed glough 🙂 All PvP armours drop from Wilderness Bosses (except Vet'ion) Wilderness revamp - explained below UIM - explained below Corrupted items - explained below Mimic event has a login message Nerfed all types of Void - this will be adjusted if needed Buffed Dragon Claws accuracy Changed prices of AGS & Dragon Claws in the Bounty Hunter store Updated ::edge command to bring you closer to wilderness ditch Pet's options are now switched - Bank is primary, Pick-up is secondary Added Ultimate Ironman & Extreme Ultimate Ironman highscores Added Looting bag Items listed on the market will now show a message in the #marketplace discord channel Items of the week - Spirit shields, Corrupted Items, Imbued Tribrid Heart (requires 3 hearts) & Galvanized Ring (requires 4 ie rings) Ultimate Ironman UIM is still a work-in-progress but the essentials are here so that you can start your journey. Death Mechanics We've implemented the Zulrah & Hydra death mechanics to reclaim your items. Zulrah is free and Hydra costs $100k to retrieve your items. The priority for receiving your items is Equipment, Inventory & then Looting bag. You would speak to Orrvor or the Priestess to retrieve your items in the northeastern building at home. The items are reclaimed based on how many inventory slots you have and order priority is based on the slot it was previously in. If you die with your looting bag it will be lost forever, however, the items will fall on the ground just like OSRS. The death timer for item pickup is still 6 minutes so please be aware. If this is still too short we will increase this duration. Experience Rates Ultimate Ironman exp. rates are the same as the rest of the game. If the player likes they can become an Extreme UIM for 3x slower rates and receive the same 5% drop rate boost. Highscores for ultimate ironman are also updated. Noting Mechanics We currently have it setup to match OSRS. Currently you can only note herbs, potions, secondaries (herblore), unfs & raw food. If this is too difficult, we will adjust overtime this just a baseline that we felt works for now. Banker Scroll We haven't figured out an alternative for the Banker situation yet, however, we're bouncing around some ideas that could potentially work and also not ruin the game mode. We want to provide a benefit to those who support us while also making the specific game mode more enjoyable. Wilderness Wilderness has been given a slight change. With the UIM release, players can now obtain the looting bag from killing mobs in the Wilderness, we also added in a reward system. Wilderness Points Players can earn points from killing bosses and other monsters in the wilderness to earn points. Wildy bosses give 10-20 points per kill, while regular mobs only give 1-2 points. We've also added in a point rewards for killing Targets. Players have a 1/3 chance to receive 25-35 points per target killed. The new wildy shop is run by the PvP Manager in Edgeville. You'll be able to get some starter items there and we'll be adding content overtime to keep the wilderness active. Corrupted Items Corrupted items are a limited use item that will allow you to experience an item not currently in the game due to content not being developed. Currently ToB is not in the game so we've added some corrupted versions of the Avernic Defender & the Ghrazi Rapier. We've started off with 2 items to see how it goes, and we will add more overtime. We may cycle out some items to keep it more interesting. These items will have a limited 5,000 hits (not hitpoints) usage and will then vanish after they run down to 0. You will NOT lose these items on death, however, we may change this if we feel like its a bit overpowered. The items are not tradable and are available in the Wilderness Shop and the Donator Store. You are only allowed to have 1 of each item at the same time. If you try to purchase one and you already have one it will not allow you to. The way the code structure is currently set up is that it is based on hits per item, per player. So if you do end up having 2 rapiers, it will degrade both rapiers hits at the same time. If this does occur let us know and we'll fix the bug and refund you your item. As always we really appreciate everything you guys do from playing, voting, donating & the like. This update was slightly delayed, but we've got some awesome custom stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned! Thanks for all the support! crazzmc & leviathan Developers at Valkyrie
  4. Resources are based on the respective skills -> woodcutting would give you chance at a log box
  5. Hey everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. We've implemented a schedule for Boosts so that every weekend there will always be some sort of server boost. Events will now be scheduled 3 days prior to announcing and will include some sort of group activity. Events will be hosted by staff but if a community member would like to host an event by all means, just speak to any staff member and they will coordinate with you. Boosts Schedule* (1 Month): Weekend 1 - Vote Weekend 2 - Raids Weekend 3 - Slayer Weekend 4 - Double Experience *During the week, we'll keep it more open ended and see what the community wants and will turn on boosts as needed Bug Fixes: Fixed the Boost Timers ticking other boosts down when activating Fixed an issue with teleporting above 20 wilderness using the Teleport Menu Fixed Vorkath not attacking players if they left mid fight Dragon Hunter Lance now works on Vorkath Dragon Hunter Lance & Bow now work on Olm Adjusted Vorkath's damage - slightly nerfed his hits from Random (1-10) + 30 to Random (1-10) + 15 All Master Clue scrolls now have correct in-game item requirements Updates: Settings Interface has been updated to match OSRS F Keys are now customizable NPC & Player Attack Priority now is fully customizable Item value overlays have been added Values & Highlighting < 5000 = Grey < 50000 = White < 1000000 = Green > 1000000 = Blue Items can be hidden if the user wants - use CTRL to bring up the box & click it to hide the item Item Hiding is per cache (per computer) so it will affect all accounts Items values are based on OSRS GE Value* Increased draw distance has now been added (Thanks to Fiery our new developer!) Players now have 2 crowns reflecting their Donations! Ironmen will see a $ next to their ironman icon the next time they login Staff will also see a $ next to their Staff Icon Staff & Platinum Donators now will have their respective Crowns above their heads to stand out in the community Sliders are now actual sliders, so you can adjust the zoom & the brightness to your exact liking Item of the Week - Slayer Shield, Ferocious Gloves & Hydra's Feet Added a few more due to the lack of weekly item updates Mimic has now been added to the game! Start Mastering those clues! *Items will not always reflect the correct GE value due to the API not grabbing all prices correctly (this mainly affects items not traded as often) Mimic First person to get a Heavy Chest from Mimic will receive a $25 Bond! Mimic is a bit different on here, instead of getting 6 chances to fight the mimic, and rolling the master/ elite table, players only get 1 chance to fight the boss Once a player has killed the boss, they will get 2 rolls, one from the rare-very rare drop table, and the other from the common - rare drop table Mimic will be randomly spawned from an Elite or a Master clue scroll Items are kept on death in this area. WARNING: HCIM will lose their Hardcore Status upon dying in the mimic area! Thanks for all the support guys! crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
  6. Hey guys, We hope you've been enjoying the new forums. They are cleaner and are much more interactive than our previous setup. Today we added Discord Integration, allowing you to connect your forum account to your Discord Account! We've also added notifications so that whenever someone creates a new topic, it's posted in the #forums Discord Channel. To connect your Discord account simply follow the steps below: Click your profile Icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and select 'Account Settings' Then select the 'Discord' tab and click 'Login with Discord' Login to Discord and click 'Authorize'. To find out more about the safety of how this works, take a look at the information guide from Discord here. Once authorized it'll bring you back to Account Settings. Select the 'Use my Discord photo as my profile photo' if you'd like and select 'Update preferences' It's that easy and now people will recognize you without any annoying setup! We hope you're enjoying all the updates we've been pumping out. Hopefully the forums will be an easier, more long-term way to connect and share resources with each other (besides the awesome Discord). crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
  7. Regular Donor $10 unlimited run ability to yell 2.5% drop rate 16 items in your player owned store no requirements to enter gwd access to donor zone 5% chance of getting noted resources -5 (45) slayer points needed to reset task -5 (95) slayer points needed to block task +5 bonus slayer points upon completing task Super Donor $25 5% drop rate 17 items in your player owned store 10% chance of getting noted resources -10 (40) slayer points needed to reset task -10 (90) slayer points needed to block task +7 bonus slayer points upon completing task + regular donor benefits Extreme donor $50 7.5% drop rate the rejevuination pool will cure your poison and restores your special 13% chance of getting noted resources -15 (35) slayer points needed to reset task -20 (80) slayer points needed to block task +10 bonus slayer points upon completing task + super donor benefits Legendary donor $100 10% drop rate 14% chance of getting noted resources -20 (30) slayer points needed to reset task -35 (75) slayer points needed to block task +15 bonus slayer points upon completing task + extreme donor benefits Ultra donator $250 3 Equip presets no cannon balls needed for cannon 12.5% drop rate 21 items in your player owned store a chance to receive double fish, ore, thieving, rcing, woodcutting 17% chance of getting noted resources -30 (20) slayer points needed to reset task -40 (60) slayer points needed to block task +20 bonus slayer points upon completing task + legendary benefits Platinum Donator $500 4 equip presets 15% drop rate 50% saving a bone when used on a altar 36 items in your player owned store 20% chance of getting noted resources +20 bonus slayer points upon completing task -50 (50) slayer points needed to block task skip slayer task for free + all benefits Extra: Personal banker unlocked at $250 total donated drop rate bonus Hardcore mode - 5% Group ironman - 1% Max cape - 2% Comp cape - 6% ring of wealth - 2.5% ring of wealth (i) - 5%
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  10. Every player has a chance at getting an Elite Chest when the Bond Event is active! $10 has a 7% Chance of getting a chest $25 has a 20% chance of getting a chest $50 has a 45% chance of getting a chest $100 always receives a chest
  11. Hey everyone, We appreciate the patience with this update. We wanted to get it out Friday, but Tuesday will have to do (its corona all the days blend in anyway). This was a smaller update in terms of content, but focused a lot on bug fixing and quality of life updates. Another major update you may have noticed is the new forums! This is the last time we're going to be changing forums (we promise) because we switched to Invision, the best of the best. The theme is temporary as we're currently designing one. Feel free to signup and contribute with guides, discussions & any content you want to share! Bug Fixes: Onyx Bracelets can be created Rainbow Afro & Armadyl Stole now show up correctly Seedbox is now fixed Fixed some typos in Achievements Removed options for objects at home (Vorkath display case, etc.) Corrected Ultra Donator price to match the banker requirement ($250) Slayer block 4th task now works Slayer experience reward cannot give you negative points now Fixed clan chat colours Fixed issue with boost timers ticking down way too fast (if you donated and lost boost timers please contact me we'll refund you) Discord bot now supports names with spaces Piles & Leprechaun note items correctly Wilderness Obelisk animation when teleporting has been fixed Troll Queen no longer saps prayer when you are not near her Imbued hearts now boost the respective stat Player's tokens will not be removed in Warrior's Guild Cyclops room when wearing an Attack Cape Players can now stay inside the WGC room when upgrading defenders (No need to exit & come back in) Superiors no longer spawn off task Added Vote delay so it doesn't spam if a person doesn't claim all at once Fixed colours for some global messages Potions now have the correct delays built in Karambwams can now be eaten (& tick eaten) It's beer o'clock at Valkyrie - drink up Gargoyle drop table has been updated Updates: Warrior Ring (ie) can now be created Adjusted prices of ornament kits Added crowns & titles in clan chat Added placeholders* Added release all placeholders (Button top right) Added release individual placeholder with left click Removed bank limit for all players - 850 for all (GIM bank still at 250) Boosted the amount of Raid Tokens you get from a raid - A flat 8 will always roll Added Duradel slayer master & split tasks based on master (Easy, Medium, Hard, Wilderness & Boss) Masters' dialogue is now more efficient Masters' right-click "Assignment" option now insta-assigns you your task Nietiznot Faceguard price has been lowered Item of the Week - Dragon Hunter Lance *Currently there are no filler slots & also I know our tabs are currently a bit wonky, I did do a bunch of testing, but if they crash please let me know what caused the crash. (We are aware of the pet crash). Placeholders are also disabled in GIM banks. Thanks for all the support guys! crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
  12. Moved. Please post in the correct forum next time. Thanks for the contribution!
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    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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