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    Valkyrie's Price Guide This is Valkyrie's Price Guide. Any suggestions to price changes, please message me or one of the staff team on Discord. This guide is as simple as that, a guide. Players are allowed to make their own prices and buy/sell items for any price they would like. Equally, players can refuse to buy any items if they feel its priced too high. But its not okay to accuse said player of being a "Scammer" because of their prices. Highly recommend using Ctrl+F to search for items by name Keep in mind. Prices are player determined, and players can buy and sell for any Price they choose. These are only suggestions. In Game Bonds $5 Bond - (125-150m) $10 Bond - (250m-300m) $25 Bond - (600-750m) $50 Bond - (1.4b-1.6b) $100 Bond - (2.9-3.1b) Slayer Related Drops Slayer Superior Monster Drops Imbued Heart Melee (100m-150m) Imbued Heart Ranged (100m-150m) Imbued Heart Magical (100m-150m) Slayer Shield (400m-500m) Hydra Drops Hydra Heads - ( 50m-100m) Hydra Leather - (250m-300m) *price may vary* (Ferocious Gloves) - Same as the Leather Hydras Feet - (400m-500m) Hydras Claw - (800m-1b) *price may vary* Brimstone ring - (50m-100m) Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Drops Occult Necklace - (150m-200m) Smoke Battlestaff - (10m-25m) Cerberus Drops Eternal Crystal - (150m-200m) Pegasian Crystal - (250m-300m) Primordial Crystal - (250m-300m) Smouldering Stone - (25m-50m) Dark Beast Drops Dark Bow - (10m-20m) Kraken Drops Trident Of the Seas (100m-120m) Kraken Tentacle (100m-120m) Abyssal Monster Drops Abyssal Bludgeon (75-100m) Abyssal Whip (10m-20m) Abyssal Dagger (20m-30m) Abyssal Head (5m-10m) Drake Drops *prices may vary, not actively traded* Drakes Tooth - (50m-100m) Drakes Claw- (50m-100m) Boots of Stone - (50m-100m) Various Slayer Monster Drops Dragon Boots - (10m-15m) Draconic Visage - (25m-50m) Wyvern Visage - (25m-50m) *Items price may vary* Black mask - (10m-15m) Slayer helm - (25m-50m) Dragon Crossbow - (25m-50m) Salve Amulet (ei) - (100m-150m) KBD Heads - (50m-100m) Boss Drops Skotizo Drops Arclight - (10m-20m) Dark Claw - (50m-100m) Vorkath Drops Skeletal Visage - (to be determined) Dragonbone Necklace - (to be determined) Ancient Gorilla Chaotic Crossbow - (400m-500m) *price may vary* Lizardman Shamans Dragon Warhammer - (250m-300m) *price may vary* Sarachnis Drops Sarachnis Cudgel - (10-20m) *prices may vary* Zulrah Drops Magic Fang (100m-150m) Blowpipe (350m-500m) Magma Mutagen (50m-100m) Tanzanite Mutagen (50m-100m) Serpentine Helm (200m-250m) Zulrah Scales (5k ea) Dagannoth King Drops Berserker Ring (25m-50m) Seers Ring (25m-50m) Archers Ring (25m-50m) Warrior Ring - (25m - 50m) Imbued Rings (Untradeable) Dagannoth Bones (100k-150k ea) Dragon Axe (25m-50m) Dagannoth Rings (ie) are not tradeable Demonic Gorilla Drops Unstrung Heavy Ballista (25m-50m) Monkey Tail (25m-50m) Zenyte Shard (200m-300m) Corporeal Beast Drops Spirit Shield (25m-50m) Holy Elixir (50m-100m) Divine Sigil (1.3b-1.5b) Elysian Sigil (1.3b-1.5b) Arcane Sigil (600m-700m) Spectral Sigil (300m-400m) God Wars Dungeon Drops Staff Of the Dead (50m-100m) Zamorakian Spear (100m-200m) Armadyl Crossbow (250m-300m) Godsword Shards (1m-2m) Godsword Blade (3m-5m) Bandos Chestplate (200m-250m) Bandos Tassets (250m-300m) Bandos Boots (5m-10m) Armadyl Helmet - (200m-300m) Armadyl Chestplate - (300m-400m) Armadyl Chainskirt - (300m-400m) Bandos Godsword (175m-225m) Zammy Godsword (50m-100m) Sara Godsword (100m-150m) Arma Godsword (150m-200m) Saradomin Sword (10m-15m) *items price may vary* Saradomins Light (50-100m) Raids Items Chambers of Xeric Twisted Buckler (250m-300m) Ancestral Hat (500m-600m) Ancestral Top/Bottom (500m-700m) Kodai wand (600m-700m) Dihn's Bulwark (200m) Dex Pray Scroll (300m-400m) Arcane Pray Scroll (300m-400m) Elder Maul (150m-200m) Twisted Bow - (5b+) *Items price may vary* Dragon Sword (10m-20m) Dragon Harpoon (150-200m) Dragon Hunter Crossbow (600m-700m) Dragon Claws (200m-300m) Torn Prayer Scroll - (75-100m) Theatre of Blood COMING SOON Combinations Items Boots of Hades - (1.2b-1.5b) Primordial Boots - (250m-300m) Pegasian Boots - (400-500m) Eternal Boots - (150m-200m) Dragonhunter Lance - (1b-1.2b) Divine Spirit Shield - (1.4b-1.6b) Elysian Spirit Shield - (1.4b-1.6b) Arcane Spirit Shield - (600m-700m) Spectral Spirit Shield - (400m-500m) Blessed Spirit Shield - (100-150m) Toxic Staff of the Dead - (150m-200m) Toxic Trident - (200m-250m) Amulet of Torture - (200m-300m) Necklace of Anguish - (200m-300m Ring of Suffering - (200m-300m) Tormented Bracelet (200m-300m) Zenyte / Occult Ornament Kits (50m-100m) Tentacle Whip - (120m-150m) Dragonefire Ward - (to be determined) Ancient Wyvern Shield - (25-50m) Dragonfire Shield - (25-50m) Brimstone Boots - (to be determined) Devout Boots - (to be determined) Infernal Axe - (75m-100m) Infernal Pickaxe (150m-200m) Infernal Harpoon - (125m-150m) Recolored Slayer helms - (100-200m) Depending on the rarity. Wilderness Monster Drops PVP Armour Sets: Zuriels Hood (100m-200m) Zuriels Robetop (100m-200m) Zuriels Robe bottom (100m- 200m) Zuriels Staff (200m-300m) Morrigans cowl (250m-300m) Morrigans leather top (500m-600m) Morrigans Chaps (500m-600m) Statius full helm (200m-250m) Statius Platebody (600m-750m) Statius Platelegs (600m-750m) Statius Warhammer (500m-600m) Vesta Chainbody (600m-750m) Vesta Chainskirt (600m-750m) Vestas spear (500m-600m) *Items price may vary* Vestas longsword (600m-750m) Elder Chaos Druid Drops *Not Regularly Traded Items, Prices may vary* Elder Chaos hood (25m-50m) Elder Chaos Robetop (25m-50m) Elder Chaos Robe (25m-50m) Tome Of Fire (50m-100m) Revenant NPC Drops *Prices may vary, Items aren't regularly traded* Revenant Ether (3k-5k ea) Bracelet Of Etherum (10m-25m) Craws Bow (10m-25m) Thammarons Sceptre (25m-50m) Viggoras Chainmace (25m-50m) Misc Wilderness Drops Odium Ward shards (3m-5m) Malediction Ward shards (3m-5m) Odium Ward (10m-25m) Malediction Ward (10m-25m) Dragon pickaxe (75m-100m) Treasonous Ring - (25m-50m) Tyrannical Ring - (25m-50m) Ring of the Gods - (50m-100m) *items price may vary* Mysterious emblem (Tier 10) (50m?) Miscellaneous Items Vote / Donor / Trivia / shop Items Votes (3-4m) Crystal Key (500k-1m) Loop half of Key (250k-500k) Tooth half of Key (250k-500k) Golden Key (5m-6m) Mystery Box - (4m-5m) Enhanced Crystal Key (2-3m) Brimstone Key ( 2m-3m) Skilling Boxes (1-2m) Ring Of Wealth (i) (500m-600m) Skilling Enhancement Items - (100m-150m) Cosmetic Ancestral sets - (100-200m) Halloween masks - (500m-600m) Santa hats - (500-600m) Bunny ears - (400-500m) Party hats / Cracker - (500m-750m) Instance Tokens - (1-5m) Boosts Totems - (100-200m) Ring of Coins / Nature (200-300m) Briefcase - (100-200m) Flared trousers - (25m-50m) Fox / Chicken - (250-400m) Gorilla Greegree - (300-400m) Monkey Greegree - (300-400m) (cosmetic upgrade for avas assembler) Skilling Outfits Woodcutting - (10m-20m) Fishing - (10m-20m) Mining - (10m-20m) Pyromancer - (100m?) *prices may vary* Farming - (untradeable) *prices may vary* Onyx Varients; Uncut Onyx (10m-20m) Amulet Of Fury (10m-20m) Berserker Necklace (10m-20m) Regen Bracelet (10m-20m) Ring of Stone - (10m-20m) Other Misc Items Barbarian Assault Icons (50-100m) Infinity Boots (10m-15m) Mage's Book (10m-15m) Ranger Boots (150m-250m) Dragon Bones (75k-100k ea) Lava Dragon Bones (150k-200k ea) Necklace Of Eternal Glory (50m-100m) Barrows Brothers Drops Ahrim's set (10m-20m) Dharok's set (10m-20m) Verac's set (10m-20m) Torag's set (10m-20m) Guthan's set (10m-20m) Karil's set (10m-20m) Individual Pieces - (2.5m-5m) Big Thanks to @Awakens @forsaken @Cjtigger @Matt/Munny @Holo @bufton167
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    π•³π–Šπ–‘π–‘π–” 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–œπ–Šπ–‘π–ˆπ–”π–’π–Š 𝖙𝖔 π–’π–ž 𝖁𝖔𝖗𝖐𝖆𝖙𝖍 π•²π–šπ–Žπ–‰π–Š First off I want to start off with the stats necessary to do this Boss. Suggested skills 90+ (Ranged method) 90+ (Melee method) 90+ (Melee method) 75+ (85+ for Melee) 70+ (74+ with Ranged) Suggested gear you could wear to kill Vorkath. Void ranger helm| Slayer helmet (i) (if on task)| Armadyl helmet| Serpentine helm Salve amulet(ei)| Necklace of anguish| Amulet of fury| Amulet of glory| Ava's assembler| Ava's accumulator| Ranging cape| Elite void top| Void knight top| Armadyl chestplate| Karil's leathertop| Black d'hide body Elite void robe / Void knight robe| Armadyl chainskirt| Karil's leatherskirt| Black d'hide chaps OR Blessed coif| Blessed body| Blessed chaps| Blessed vambraces| Blessed boots Weapons Dragon hunter crossbow| Toxic blowpipe (with adamant or better darts)| Armadyl crossbow| Dragon crossbow| Rune crossbow OR π‘»π’˜π’Šπ’”π’•π’†π’… π‘©π’π’˜ lol Void knight gloves| Barrows gloves| Black d'hide vambraces| Pegasian boots| Snakeskin boots| Archers ring (i)| Ring of suffering (i)| Brimstone ring| Archers ring Inventory recommendations & Gear Recommendation for me Strategy Upon awakening, Vorkath's attack pattern consists of six random standard attacks, one special attack, six random attacks, then the other special attack and so on until defeated. Players should keep run off throughout the kill and use control click to run when needed. The optimal protection prayer to use depends on the gear being used: Protect from Magic if using Melee, a Toxic blowpipe or the Book of law and Super antifire potion. Protect from Missiles if using a crossbow along a Dragonfire ward, Dragonfire shield or Anti-dragon shield, and Super antifire potion. Vorkath can hit up to 31 with each standard attack. His high attack level means his melee attacks are very accurate, though he does not use Melee as often as Magic or Ranged. Players should have quick-prayers set according to their combat style and weapon type to reactivate prayers if deactivated by the pink dragonfire. Players should also be prepared to click at least two spaces away if Vorkath uses his insta-kill vertical dragonfire lob. Recoil damage, such as Vengeance and rings of recoil, does not work on Vorkath. Poison Pool Quickfire Barrage: When Vorkath spits poison pools on the ground, players should continuously walk on clean ground to avoid damage. As long as players are moving, Vorkath's quick-fire barrage will not deal damage. Standing or moving over a poison pool leeches health from the player and heals Vorkath. Protective prayers may be turned off to reduce prayer drain, as they do not affect these attacks. There are two ways to deal with this attack: Using tick-perfect movement to deal damage while taking none Players can find a line (at least five tiles free of acid) and walk back and forth the said line. This is relatively safe but no damage will be dealt to Vorkath in the process. A more difficult tactic involves a tick-perfect walking method; the player attacks Vorkath, but quickly moves away to avoid being hit by the dragonfire barrage. For players using melee, as soon your weapon hits Vorkath, quickly move two spaces back and click on Vorkath again, repeating until the attack is over. For players using ranged, there are two options: Blowpipe - With the blowpipe, this requires at least two tiles free of acid. As the blowpipe has a range of 5 when used on "Accurate" and "Rapid", stand six tiles away from Vorkath. As soon as you attack Vorkath, your character will automatically walk one tile towards it - quickly click back on the tile that you stood on, and repeat. Crossbow - A crossbow is significantly trickier to use compared to a blowpipe - with a range of 8, players need to stand towards the outer rim of the arena. Similar to the blowpipe method, as soon as you attack Vorkath, your character will automatically walk one tile towards it - quickly click back on the tile that you stood on, and repeat. This method is generally easier to learn with sounds enabled, as you should click every time you hear Vorkath shoot his fireball. Practicing the moves throughout the fight is also useful for learning with no punishment upon mistakes. Players using a dragon hunter crossbow may take this opportunity to use the toxic blowpipe special attack to heal, as they are safe from dragonfire damage (provided that they do not stop moving at any point). Despite the damage reduction, the special attack heals as normal, as if the damage was not reduced. After the attack, remember to re-enable your protection prayer (if you toggled it off), and toggle run on (according to preference). Zombified Ice Dragonfire: A player deals with Vorkath's Zombified Spawn. Vorkath's other special attack is the zombified ice dragonfire. For the duration of this attack, Vorkath himself is immune to all damage. Vorkath will use white dragonfire which freezes the player. Vorkath then lobs a Zombified Spawn into the air which lands several spaces away and crawls towards the player; while the spawn is alive, Vorkath is immune to all attacks. If the spawn reaches the player before being defeated, it will deal up to 60 damage, scaling based on its Hitpoints. If you kill Vorkath at the same time he casts this spell, the Zombified Spawn will not instantly disappear but it will harmlessly die instead of exploding. There are two tactics for this attack, both of which centre on killing or damaging the Zombified Spawn: The most effective method to dispatch the spawn is to ready Crumble Undead and click the spawn as soon as it lands. Bringing a Slayer's Staff and setting Crumble Undead on auto-cast will enable you to simply left-click attack the spawn once it arrives. Less effective methods include: Damage the spawn until defeated. Weaken the spawn before casting Vengeance..... NOW FOR THE DROPS: 100% Item Quantity Rarity Price Superior dragon bones 2 Always 23,712 Blue dragonhide 2 Always 3,650 Weapons and armour Item Quantity Rarity Price Rune longsword 2–3 2 Γ— 1/30 37,456-56,184 Rune kiteshield 2–3 2 Γ— 1/30 64,252-96,378 Battlestaff 5–15 (noted) 2 Γ— 1/37.5 41,500-124,500 Dragon battleaxe 1 2 Γ— 1/75 119,423 Dragon longsword 1 2 Γ— 1/75 59,369 Dragon platelegs 1 2 Γ— 1/75 161,301 Dragon plateskirt 1 2 Γ— 1/75 161,28 Runes Item Quantity Rarity Price Chaos rune 650–1,000 2 Γ— 1/25 66,300-102,000 Death rune 300–500 2 Γ— 1/25 65,100-108,500 Wrath rune 30–60 2 Γ— 1/50 12,420-24,840 Dragonhide Item Quantity Rarity Price Blue dragonhide 25–30 (noted) 2 Γ— 1/18.75 45,625-54,750 Green dragonhide 25–30 (noted) 2 Γ— 1/21.43 36,625-43,950 Red dragonhide 20–25 (noted) 2 Γ— 1/21.43 47,420-59,275 Black dragonhide 15–25 (noted) 2 Γ— 1/21.43 45,360-75,600 Vorkath's head 1 1/50[d 1][1] Not sold Brimstone key 1 1/50[d 2] Not sold Clue scroll (elite) 1 1/65[1] Not sold Dragonbone necklace 1 1/1,000[1] 66,859 Jar of decay 1 1/3,000[1] 50,463 Vorki 1 1/3,000[1] Not sold Draconic visage 1 1/5,000[1] 5,593,540 Skeletal visage 1 1/5,000[1] 26,732,364 Vorkath's deadly dragonfire attack capable of one-hitting players. Thanks for taking the time to read my Guide on how to kill Vorkath P.S: I had to download the GIF images at the bottom and the drops w/ pictures from osrs wiki since its the same as osrs.
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    Hey everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We worked on a lot of small issues with the server the past week. A bunch of quality of life & bugs have been sorted out. We've been working on some content, it is on its way so stay tuned! Bug Fixes: Fixed the Boost Timers ticking other boosts down when activating You can now string all crossbows with crossbow string You can now make dragon spear(p++) by combining dragon spear & weapon poison Elemental shield now works for skeletal wyverns Master clue stepe is now fixed, the double agent will no longer spawn in the cart Seers ring & Seers ring(i) stats are the same osrs You can now disassemble hydra & twisted slayer helmets ::rules & ::price is now fixed Fixed the "70 attack" trivia answer to just "70" Boots of hades now has a deathvalue of 50m Ferocious gloves are now tradable Armadyl, bandos, ancient crozier now has prayer bonuses Armadyl, bandos, ancient mitre now has prayer bonuses Armadyl, bandos, ancient stole now has prayer bonuses Ancient cloak now has its prayer bonus Fixed a graphic issue with crior coat Bracelet mould will no longer consume when making onyx bracelet Bug submission now closes our correctly (issue with CC) Fixed Achievement tab cutting off achievements Fixed UIM Clues from Woodcutting and Mining going to bank Fixed Slayer Achievements Adjusted Scorpia's Skill levels and Bonuses Fixed Catacomb mobs from not being aggressive Changed some spawned mobs walking to true Fix for points for Scorpia's guardians and Offsprings Added clipping value to dragons Fixed Olm using dragon breath on players Fixed Vigora's chainmace boosts to mobs in wilderness PM Ignores now work correctly Highscores now works for UIM Updates: You can now receive a Herbi pet from herblore, finishing potions Comp cape is now 6% drop rate instead of 3 You can now create Mythical max cape, simply combine mythical cape with a max cape Raids teleport has been moved under minigames teleport You now get the experience from the double herb from wearing farmers ring You can now dismantle your Etherium bracelet Black demons now count as Skotizo for slayer tasks Added Fremmenik sea boots 4 to Vorkath's drop table Added dragon (or) creation Added dragon scimitar (or) kit to hard clues Dragon scimitar (or) can be dismantled Added brimstone boot creation We understand server has been a bit slower recently, but we've bought a bunch of premium ads, updated our graphics and have been working on some awesome content that'll hopefully attract some awesome new players! The best way you can help the server grow is by voting. If we're on the first page of all website we will get more traction! Coins has started advertising in a bunch of Discord Servers so we're on our way up again! We appreciate all your support. crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
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    Out of all the aplications i've read through, Titan and brat are the only people I would consider being a staff member, I've not spoke to titan too much but my interactions with him are pretty solid, Brat on the other hand has been the rock to my dumbest questions. Not only does brat answer any questions I have regarding the items in the game, He also sit's and talks me through certain mechanics on bosses which I'm struggling to understand. Brat get's my vote for staff. +1 Cold
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    this was clearly due to the situation mentioned above where this player was reported for exploiting a bug.... and teaching other players how to abuse it as well.. clearly changed his mind about me becoming staff after he realized i was the player who reported him... Whoops. Only took him 5 days to realize.. that someone reported him instead of staff secretly listening into the discord conversations XD
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    this was clearly an overreaction to getting crashed at dagannoths due to there only being one dagannoth supreme.. and we both were killing the same thing... along with other issues going on in the community involving this player and his "group" of friends. clearly as above and other players of the community can see.. i am helpful to those who are not disrespectful.. and to those who arent.. are just tolerated. :) cant make everyone happy when its a server with only one world. Its competitive and thats all there is to it..
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    Name: DavidIn-Game Username: AwakensAge: 25 (26 in August)Country & Timezone: Currently in Guam (GMT +10)Average time played per day: 8-10 hours a day (Atleast until COVID ends) -Currently Teleworking-What days are you available to play: Any day of the week.Why do you want to be a staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank: I feel like now being almost comped, I've learned a lot about the server and am able to speak on mostly anything to answer questions. Deserve is a strong word. I play enough, and am invested in the growth of the server, so if i can do anything to help out that growth, then its a Win-Win. Thank you for any consideration!Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: Never.If yes, which one, for how long and why: N/A
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    +1 Thank you Cold. Extremely quick and can't thank you enough
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    Cold's Resource Service Need resources but too lazy to farm them? My services are FREE but if you want to pay me it's very much appreciated. What can I offer you? Cooked/Uncooked Fish of any kind Ores/Bars of any kind Bones for your prayer needs Logs of any kind Ability to afk and get free slayer points I am an ironman so if you do wish to pay for my services, I will have a second account called Cold Normal for any tips, If you wish to donate via in-name donations please speak to me in-game about it. Please remember the service is FREE. The best way to contact me is to message me in-game with a request ALL TRADES WILL HAVE TO BE DONE VIA A DROP TRADE BECAUSE OF MY INABILITY TO TRADE Best regards, Cold
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    Currently, events are lack luster to say the least. I'll be the first to admit it. Farming a boss over and over can be boring. That's just my personal opinion and doesn't represent everyone. I'd like to know what everyone wants, to better the game for everyone. I'd like to invite everyone on the server to answer these questions. Do you want to see an event system in place rewarding participation? (tokens similiar to raids, you can turn in for rewards) Do you want more events focused around PvM? (bossing) Do you want to see events focused on PvP? (player killing) Are there any ideas for events you'd like to see come to life? (suggestions) Do you want an event rewarding you for work outside the game? (advertisements, videos, etc) (rewards being bonds for winners) Do you want owners, and high level staff to be more active in events? (bringing all members together) Do you want events based on skilling? (pets, or random event npcs) Do you want less events? (please explain, yes, or no) (suggestions) Should there be events outside the game? (discord events, forum events)
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    Hey guys, We hope you've been enjoying the new forums. They are cleaner and are much more interactive than our previous setup. Today we added Discord Integration, allowing you to connect your forum account to your Discord Account! We've also added notifications so that whenever someone creates a new topic, it's posted in the #forums Discord Channel. To connect your Discord account simply follow the steps below: Click your profile Icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and select 'Account Settings' Then select the 'Discord' tab and click 'Login with Discord' Login to Discord and click 'Authorize'. To find out more about the safety of how this works, take a look at the information guide from Discord here. Once authorized it'll bring you back to Account Settings. Select the 'Use my Discord photo as my profile photo' if you'd like and select 'Update preferences' It's that easy and now people will recognize you without any annoying setup! We hope you're enjoying all the updates we've been pumping out. Hopefully the forums will be an easier, more long-term way to connect and share resources with each other (besides the awesome Discord). crazzmc Developer at Valkyrie
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    -1 gets butthurt over the littlest things such as somebody camping a boss that he wants to kill then proceeds to crash them like a child. Makes up lies about other players to make them seem bad and him seem better. Doesn't really answer peoples questions in cc and argues with people in cc. Overall doesn't handle situations well and I don't think he deserves to be staff.
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    -1 doesnt deserve staff
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    Moved. Please post in the correct forum next time. Thanks for the contribution!
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