Mining Refinery

Custom skilling at it's finest. Skip mining & smithing your bars one at a time. Talk to Prospector Percy and get his worker's to help you streamline your operations!

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New Bank interfaces

Never type 14 again when stringing them bows... unless you're setting your withdraw-x of course 😉

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Home Island

Made by the community for the community. With almost every skill being on the home island, a welcoming, social gaming atmosphere is created.

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Custom Content

You're not playing OSRS for a reason, we get that. So we created a unique server where you can get content from boosted rates to custom bosses so you won't logout.

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Self-updating Launcher

Our launcher will automatically keep you updated with the latest client & provide you with awesome links & information.

Standalone Client

If the launcher doesn't work for some reason, use our standalone client. Guaranteed stability for your gaming needs.

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